10 Amazing Costume Designs From Mediocre Films

9. The Girls - Suckerpunch

Warner Bros

Zack Snyder's extended music video masquerading as a film was, for all its flaws, a stylish viewing experience, and that fact is most emphasised by the costumes worn by the girls who were prisoners and/or patients in the brothel and/or mental institution (this film has more layers of reality than Inception, but not in a good way) every time they changed realities and fought metaphorical monsters to contend with the suffering in their lives.

The costumes sum up the film nicely: slick, stylish, and uncomfortably exploitative, with inappropriately high heels adding to the departure from realism. Each scene and accompanying costume is an ode to existing pop culture touchstones, and the designers's visual language is quite clear throughout.

Not to mention the fact that nobody has to alter the original designs to make these work as sexy Halloween costumes.

Jokes aside, it's fascinating how each character has a consistent theme for their many different costumes despite the change in style and atmosphere, with each piece telling its own story.

Blockbuster heavyweight Michael Wilkinson delivered with these slick costume designs, as he did with other films under his belt - such as Watchmen, Batman V Superman, and the new live action Aladdin.

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