10 Amazing Details You Missed In MCU Movies

The only franchise where a drawing of a monkey bears thematic significance.


While it's thrilling to watch Captain America take out goons with his shield, to see Thor blast his foes with lightning bolts, and to watch Iron Man shoot baddies with his energy blasts, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a lot more than just surface-level spectacle.

Sure, all the action and eye-popping effects help make these movies successful global blockbusters, but for fans who like to spend time with their movies long after the thrill of the action has worn off, the MCU is the gift that keeps on giving.

While there are a lot of obvious easter eggs and cameos peppered throughout all eighteen films, the really satisfying stuff is found under the surface, the details that are impossible to notice without freeze-framing every shot, Googling like a madman, or watching each movie a dozen times over - in slow motion.

Okay, maybe you won't have to go to those lengths, but you get the point. The MCU is surprisingly nuanced if you care to look hard enough, and offers up more character development, universe expansion and meta-detail than you might initially realise.

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