10 Amazing Easter Eggs You Never Noticed In Marvel's Cinematic Universe

10. Look, It's Dr. Yinsen! (Iron Man 3)

Shaun-Toub-star-as-Yin-Sen-in-Paramount-Pictures-Iron-Man-25-960x543 You do remember Dr. Yinsen, right? He was captured alongside Tony Stark in the original Iron Man movie, and was the guy who saved Tony's life when he woke up with that now infamous shrapnel-based injury. He also aided Tony in the building of the first Iron Man suit, which the pair used to escape from the clutches of cave-dwelling terrorist scum. Unfortunately, Yinsen was killed during the getaway, though he was also the one who told Tony not to waste his life when he returned to America, thus inspiring our hero's iconic alter-ego. If you've seen Iron Man 3, you'll know that it begins back in 1999, during a technical conference in Bern, Switzerland, with Tony still in full-on playboy mode, prior to the events of the first movie. As we move around this party, we glimpse a few scientists. And who's that? Why, it's Dr. Yinsen! Tony ignores him, of course, unaware that their lives will one day collide dramatically - and that this guy he palms off will save his life. The most awesome thing about this little egg, though? In Iron Man, Dr. Yinsen mentions to Tony that they met once at a conference in Bern, Switzerland. How's that for full-circle?

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