10 Amazing Movie Stunts Achieved Through Reckless Endangerment

9. Being Shot At With Live Machine Gun Rounds - Come And See

come and see me Not so much a singular stunt as much as it is the entirety of the piece, Elem Klimov's masterful war film is one long attempt to shock and stun its audience, a feat it seemingly achieve effortlessly. Come and See is one of the most grueling movies ever made, depicting the utter devastation that war can inflict upon innocent souls, most prominently Florya (Aleksey Kravchenko). The unimaginably tough shoot took 9 months, and saw Kravchenko kept on a strict diet in order to give him a gaunt, ill appearance, and this, in combination with the lack of sleep and general stress of the shoot, caused his hair to turn grey, making this also one of the finest method performances ever committed to film. Oh, and it gets worse. The guns used in the movie were loaded with live ammunition to heighten the authencity, and Kravchenko stated in subsequent interviews that he often could hear bullets whizzing a mere 4 inches (10 centimeters) above his head. Yeah, that's bound to give you grey hair alright...

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