10 Amazing Movies You Probably Haven't Seen (And Why)

You look interesting, but are you going to be worth it?

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It's a simple, mathematical fact that there are now more movies available to watch than ever before. And by this time next week, there will be even more. The sheer volume of films you can sit down and watch these days is a little mind-boggling if you really stop to think about it.

With so many choices available to you, how do you pick a movie to invest at least 90 minutes of your time into? What if it turns out to be stupid? Or worse, boring? That's time you won't get back.

It's this strange, modern phenomena of cinema overload that has allowed a lot of really fantastic movies to go largely unnoticed for one reason or another. Maybe the film's poster was drab, or the trailer didn't highlight the film's uniqueness, or the marketing was non-existant. Or maybe it just got buried underneath the never-ending slate of blockbuster superhero movies coming out of the woodwork.

After all, when you're confronted with choosing between a collection of mutants battling to save the world from total annihilation or a period piece about feuding aristocratic families, it isn't really much of a choice at all.

Regardless of why these films slipped through the cracks, all but the most meticulous moviegoers among you have likely missed out on at least a few of these relatively unknown (or, in one case, forgotten) gems.

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