10 Amazing Revenge Films That Are Really Bleak

9. Blue Ruin (2013)

Memento Polaroid

The exciting thing about Jeremy Saulnier's career for the years to come is that he can create the most tense substance from as little material as possible.

Macon Blair plays the lead, Dwight, a man whose motivations and reasons are drip-fed throughout the film. His prey is a recently released man who killed his parents, and while one person was originally his target- the whole family of his prey becomes his enemy.

Dwight isn't portrayed as a man with a plan, but as a terrified and desperate man-child who acts on impulse. The men and women that seek him out aren't the most sympathetic either, but after familial revelations are unveiled it casts an ugly shadow on the circumstances of the film.

This is a film about escalation and when it concludes, no one is safe or at peace. The revenge tale becomes a war between two families, with innocent parties on both sides.

What's upsetting about Blue Ruin (which makes it just as addictive to watch) is that Dwight isn't portrayed as a violent or cruel man at all, and the sad expressions from Macon Blair suggest he didn't really want to kill his prey to begin with.

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