10 AMAZING Trailers That Sold Bad Movies

Sucker Punch - the most perfect title in movie history...

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Eye-catching trailers are the bread and butter of the film industry. If you can make a good trailer and generate interest you're automatically going to do better at the box office, which is why so much money goes into making them.

Why else would studios spend such vast amounts of Super Bowl big game spots or hype trailers with their own trailers? It's all part of the great dance with potential ticket buyers that even sees underhand techniques like spoiling key story details or completely misrepresenting the movie. Whatever sells is fair game, seemingly.

Unfortunately, that black magic marketing means that we as audience members lose out. We have the wool firmly pulled over our eyes and end up seeing some films that are objectively bad on the promise of a trailer that is way better.


10. The Goldfinch

Warner Bros.

Based on the novel by the same name, 2019's The Goldfinch looked to be a heart warming drama. Both full length trailers cut between the protagonist at two points in his life; his younger self when his mother died, and older portrayed by Ansel Elgort.

While the first trailer paints a film about finding your family and choosing your way, the second gives a more crime thriller vibe. No matter which trailer you find yourself watching, the impression they give are the same: this is an indie film with big name stars.

However, The Goldfinch could not match up to its own promises. Sitting at a low 24% on Rotten Tomatoes the film, whilst beautifully shot, lacked all heart. It failed to capture the heights of its source material or even the promise of its trailer.


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