10 Anticipated 2016 Movies That Have Already Lost The Oscar Race

9. American Pastoral

The Promise Christian Bale Charlotte Le Bon

The Buzz: Ewan McGregor makes his feature directorial debut by adapting an apparently "unfilmable" novel in Phillip Roth's beloved American Pastoral, and if he pulls it off, it's going to be a masterpiece. The cast includes the superb likes of Dakota Fanning, Molly Parker, McGregor himself, Oscar nominee David Strathairn, and Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly.

Why It's Already Lost: Reviews sunk this one right out of the gate, with critics calling it an ambitious failure that doesn't much convince of McGregor's directorial brio.

It's been called "one of the most ill-conceived movies of the 21st [century]", and one critic even said that McGregor "shows no hint of inspiration behind the camera".

This one's absolutely dead on arrival, so don't expect to hear anyone talking about it once its limited theatrical release is done with. Begrudging props to McGregor for having the gall to direct something so challenging as his debut, though.


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