10 Artists Who Made Entire Movie Soundtracks

9. Balance Not Symmetry - Biffy Clyro

As the indie rock scene seemed to explode in the mid '00s, Biffy Clyro appeared to be the most consistent in terms of straight up rock and roll. Though they were not on the same level of the Strokes by any means, the power behind Simon Neil's voice was enough to keep fans interested time and time again. It was a different world for rock music in 2019 though, and the future of the genre seemed to be going into the film world on Balance Not Symmetry.

In the grand tradition of rock stars wanting to be actors, most of this album balances as a soundtrack to the movie to the film of the same name, but the traditional Biffy Clyro sound has a bit of a different slant to it this time around. As much as they may have dabbled with the more ambitious side of rock and roll in the past, this might be the most progressive album they have ever made, taking songs that have seeds of brilliance and having them string together across the track listing, almost like you're seeing scenes from the movie play out in real time along with the music.

Even when they have professional pop rock producers like John Feldmann in the mix, there's never a moment where it doesn't feel like Biffy Clyro, taking the same eclectic influences and turning them to the big screen. Having this much music hold together is a borderline impossible job in the business, but for Simon Neil, it always comes back to that central word: balance.

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