10 Avengers 4 Facts We Know Already

2. We Have A Release Date

Avengers 4
Marvel Studios

A title, trailer and synopsis are too much to ask for at this stage, but Avengers 4 does have an official release date, and it was etched into stone a good while back.

The movie will touch down in UK cinemas on 26 April next year and on 3 May in the US. That means it will arrive almost a year on from the release of Infinity War.

Since Infinity War's box office-toppling debut, Marvel has released Ant-Man and the Wasp as a pallet-cleanser and has one more movie lined up ahead of the sequel: the '90s-set Captain Marvel. No doubt this will establish the titular heroine's place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reveal how she fits into the bigger Avengers picture.

Fingers crossed we'll also get to see a trailer before the end of the year, around the same time the film's official title is finally confirmed.

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