10 Avengers 4 Facts We Know Already

We're in the endgame now.

Avengers 4

The dust from Avengers: Infinity War is finally beginning to settle and it's hardly surprising it took this long, considering that's what half of the cast turned into when Thanos pulled his finger-snapping trick during the final battle.

Infinity War will be a tough act to follow and the movie given that unenviable task is Avengers 4, a project that's shrouded in mystery to the extent that Marvel Studios and directorial duo the Russo Brothers have so far refused to reveal its title.

Educated guesswork, set leaks and the more convincing fan theories point to Avengers 4 being a time travel movie but concrete information about the sequel is up in the air, much like the powdery remains of Spider-Man, Black Panther et al.

Amid all of the rumours and conjecture, though, a handful of solid facts about Cap, Iron Man and the rest of the gang's next outing have trickled through.

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Avengers 4
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