10 Awesome 2014 Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

The only way to spend your spooky weekend.

The Barbadook Happy Halloween! That's right, All Hallows' Eve is here, and what better time of year is there to crack into some awesome horror films from the year that you might've missed? If you haven't read yesterday's article on 10 Terrible 2014 Horror Movies To Avoid This Halloween, make sure to check that out before tackling this run-down of the best horror films of 2014 so far. This list has star actors playing against-type in the genre, impressive hybrid horror flicks, one horror anthology that actually did live up to the hype (and it ain't V/H/S: Viral), a surprisingly fun franchise spin-off, an unexpectedly good remake, and one film you might not even realise is really a horror flick. Oh, and zombie beavers too, because why the hell not? These 10 horror films are a reminder that multiplexes do still occasionally screen good horror films (even if vastly outweighed by the suck), while those viewers prepared to dig a little deeper on VOD and straight-to-DVD can unearth a few surprising gems as well. Though the year isn't quite over yet, these are the 10 horror films you absolutely need to watch to get into the Halloween spirit this weekend. If you're going to a Halloween party over the next few days, watch a few of these flicks to get you in the mood for getting your scare on!
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