10 Awesome Actors Who Automatically Improve Any Movie By Their Presence

If these guys show up, it can't all be bad.

eva green

Moviemaking, like any art form, is not a precise science; two plus two often doesn'€™t equal four when it comes to giving an audience chills, moving them, or, tickling their funny bone. If entertainment could be reduced to a simple equation, then every blockbuster would be a megahit and every drama an enduring classic.

Sometimes all the ingredients are there to make the perfect stew but the results turn out putrid (see: Movie 43€™s stellar ensemble cast coming together to make a movie where Hugh Jackman plays a man with testicles growing from his chin). However, there are a few things you can always rely on to give a movie that extra dash of something special like a solid actor who brings the goods every time.

Enlisting a good character actor can be like adding a much needed pinch of salt to a flavourless mush of a movie. Screen presence and charisma are two intangibles that make successful moviemaking so hard to pin down. The most well directed, shot, and written character will fail to come to life on the big screen if he or she is played by a wooden post (see: the career of Hayden Christensen).

Some people are born with what the French call €˜je ne sais quoi€™ (translation: €˜I don€™'t know what€™) and people in the entertainment industry refer to as €˜it€™. The lucky people who have €˜it€™ can be depended on to bring their €˜it€™ to any film and automatically make that film better, even when the film is terrible.

For your consideration, we have compiled a list of ten such actors who have that intangible quality that can€™t be taught in an acting class. The mere presence of these men and women will ensure that any film will be at least watchable during the screen time allotted to them, no matter how brief.

We invite you to take a star-studded tour of 10 actors who can be counted on to bring the goods every time.


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