10 Awesome Directors Who Went Totally Insane (For One Movie)

North The thing we like about our favourite directors it that there's a sense of continuity and correlation in their works - if you go to see the latest Martin Scorsese movie, you know what you're getting: damned characters navigating a violent terrain in a movie that pays tribute to cinema history. If you hear that Steven Spielberg has a new movie out in theatres, you know it'll be directed with endless professionalism and, hey, maybe it'll be a tad overly sentimental, too. Director's names act like shortcuts, see. And these shortcuts are almost always telling of the final product. Unless, of course, a director otherwise renowned for a certain type of picture decides to do a backflip into the realms of insanity and opts to make a different kind of movie for no real reason other than to mess with the logic of the universe entirely - a movie that we never expected them to undertake, nor believed them to be qualified for. At all. Occasionally this pays off and the world applauds the associated movie genius for taking a big ol' risk, but mostly it serves to frame an established filmmaker as a nutcase who's suddenly gone balls to the walls crazy for no reason. Which is what happened when these fine artists opted to throw caution to the wind and make a bunch of movies that they really had no business making...

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