10 Awesome Films That Never Got The Cult Following They Deserved 

Overshadowed, undervalued and begging for some love.

New Line Cinema

The term 'cult classic' is, and always has been, a contested one. There really is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a cult film, though generally speaking they are movies that are known for having passionate fanbases who engage in repeat viewings, endlessly quote dialogue, and go as far as dressing up as their favourite characters to celebrate their love for the film en masse - just google Lebowski Fest and you'll see what we're talking about here.

While films like the Coen Brothers classic command fiercely dedicated fanbases that only seem to become more fanatical year on year, there are a number of equally deserving movies that, for one reason or another, missed out on the cult status that they truly deserved.

There are a number of factors that can stop a worthy film from building up a cult following, from being overshadowed by a similarly themed movie to being associated with unfashionable actors, though it normally boils down to a mixture of bad timing and bad luck. What ultimately determines whether or not a film is granted cult status is us: the viewers.

Critical opinion is invalid in the world of cult films. In fact, poor reviews often breed that morbid type of curiosity that leads viewers to discover gems that were panned by the experts, though not every uncut cinematic diamond is rescued from the rough. From ripped-off sci-fi to pitch-black comedies, here are 10 films that never got the cult following they deserved.

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