10 Awesome Horrors To Watch This Halloween

With Halloween a few short weeks away, it will soon be time to dish out the popcorn and hide behind the cushions as many of us takes part in the annual indulgence of horror movies. But what to go for? "Horror" after all has become something of a vague genre with the emergence of several sub-categories in recent years. We have the haunted house genre I.e the Paranormal Activity franchise, then we have the crudely dubbed "torture porn" genre consisting of such films as the Saw and Hostel series'. Or how about a good old monster/alien film - perhaps Jeepers Creepers or The Thing is more your style. Whatever style of horror movie you're into, we have you covered - here's a list of 10 mandatory films you have to be watching this Halloween. View our first choice, below, then click "next" for the rest. Get the cushion ready.

10. Night Of The Living Dead (series)

"Night Of The Living Dead" is merely a blanket term used to categorise a series of six zombie films directed by horror maestro George A. Romero. You can pretty much take your pick here - Night of the Living Dead, the seminal release of the series in 1968, might be a good choice if you were in the mood for a more vintage horror movie, but then the rest in the series are excellent too. Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, Diary Of The Dead and the final installment, Survival Of The Dead help make up one of the best series of zombie films around, and have inspired many parodies and homages with 2004's Shaun Of The Dead being the best example. It's zombies feasting on human brains, what more could you ask for on Halloween?
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