10 Awesome Movie Characters Everybody Forgot Was Recast

Not every actor has returned for a sequel, and there are tons of reasons why this can happen...

Marvel Studios

Have you ever watched a movie sequel and noticed that a different actor has taken up a role previously seen in the first film? It actually happens all the time, but the reasons actors and actresses wind up being recast run the gamut, and every situation has a story.

Occasionally, actors are hired to play a part in a film, but end up being recast before the movie is finished filming. This famously happened to Eric Stoltz, who was originally cast to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future before he was politely asked to leave so Michael J. Fox could step in.

While there are tons of stories like that happening all the time in Hollywood, this list is about those actors and actresses who either weren't asked to return for a film's sequel, or a situation arose, which prevented them from doing so.

You won't find characters like Bruce Wayne or James Bond here since the franchises have spanned decades, but there are some famous roles on this list. You may know of some already, but these ten instances of a character being played by someone else entirely are the most interesting examples of this common Hollywood practice.


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