10 Awesome Movie Effects That Aren't What You Think

Utterly stunning.

Avengers Endgame Old Cap
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There's perhaps no more fascinating aspect of filmmaking craft than the insanity that is special effects production - be they old-fashioned and practical or cutting-edge and digital.

While much has been written about "invisible" special effects that the audience doesn't even notice, these 10 scenes don't even remotely try to hide the fact that some visual trickery was involved.

And while for the most part the nature of each effect might seem obvious, in each case the filmmakers and their crew employed a totally different technique from what audiences assumed.

From moments that had to be CGI - but actually weren't - to absurdly tactile effects that were in fact digitally created, and other nifty tricks that nobody could've ever seen coming, these scenes are all a testament to the incredible artistry behind Hollywood's special effects.

For every movie that boasts ugly, obvious and distracting CGI, there are films like this, which come up with ingenious ways to pull off mind-blowing sleights of hand. The result, in each case, is pure movie magic...


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