10 Awesome Movie Moments Where You Think The Villain Might Actually Win

Pixar played us like a damn fiddle.

Law Abiding Citizen Gerard Butler
Overture Films

The nature of movies as entertainment dictates that, more often than not, we as audiences fully expect the hero to eventually prevail over the villain, because people love to witness good triumphing over evil, after all.

And while there are certainly movies which wilfully buck the trend and hand the win to the antagonist, more common is a film which tries to fake viewers out, by getting the villain as close to victory as possible before allowing the heroic side to pull things back.

These 10 movies, from blood-soaked action flicks to family-friendly animated masterworks, all dared to dupe audiences into genuinely believing that the villain was about to come out on top, only to pull the rug out and deliver some major catharsis at the last minute.

In some cases it was clearly the right call, but in others, it sure would've been refreshing to see the smart or skillful antagonist emerge victorious for all their efforts.

Either way, most of us fell for these near-misses hook, line, and sinker...


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