10 Awesome Movie Sequels (That Don't Make Sense At All)

Iron Man 3 Who said movie sequels had to make any sense to be awesome? Not Hollywood, that's for sure! As movie-goers, we constantly criticise those sequels which appear to consciously set out to destroy everything we loved about the original movies, because what's a sequel good for 'less you're given the chance to make fun of how inherently dumb it is? But it's not just the bad movie sequels that don't make sense - the good ones probably don't either, if you're willing to look close enough. All you have to do is approach them from the same angle you would the bad ones. As you're not doubt aware, when we love something, we're more inclined to forget about its flaws - because who wants to point out things that don't make sense in movies that they like? But take a look at the 10 awesome movie sequels that I've assembled for inclusion on this list, all of which are obviously fine works of cinematic endeavour, but are also inclusive of certain ideas that render them just as problematic as any bad sequel that Hollywood might throw out on a whim, or are largely forgetful of plot threads from previous installments to the point where all sense is lost. People just didn't notice because they were being distracted by all that awesomeness, I guess.

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