10 Awesome Movies Audiences Weren't Ready For

Ahead of their time and then some.

Dredd 2012
Warner Bros.

Recent times have shown Hollywood catching up to audience demand years after the fact, what with Wonder Woman and Black Panther finally giving women and black people the quality screen representation they so obviously deserve.

But more often the inverse is true, and filmmakers will deliver a bold, striking vision that neither audiences nor bean-counting executives were quite ready to vibe with.

These 10 films, all unassailable classics in their own right, nevertheless failed to find their deserved audience on initial release, but have enjoyed far greater success on the home video market.

And so, it's clear that each of these movies just didn't get the all-important timing right: general audiences weren't yet ready to embrace that level of weird or ambition, even if a few years might've made all the difference.

Hollywood is of course a trend-driven enterprise like anything else, and these movies were all absolutely well ahead of the curve, yet their difficult-to-quantify style and tone caused the masses to stay well away...


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