10 Awesome Movies Set Over The Course Of A Day

A lot can happen in a day...

One of the greatest benefits of cinema as an art-form is that there are virtually no limits to what can be realized. Recent advances in computer technology mean that almost anything imaginable can be put on the big screen. Photo-realistic monsters? No problem. Futuristic city-scapes? Sure. Cataclysmic natural disasters? Okay. Past, present or future, CGI can now create just about anything. Another huge benefit of cinema is the lack of narrative constraints. If you want to write a three hour long song, chances are people aren't going to want to listen to it. If you want to paint on a canvas the size of a small town, nobody's going to let you. If you write an opera, ballet or play that goes on for six hours you may struggle to put butts in seats. However, if you want to set a movie over years, decades, centuries or even millennia? Yeah, why not. It is this lack of creative boundaries that have made cinema the preferred medium for telling stories on an epic scale since the 19th century. However, this article is going to scale things back and take a look at ten movies that take place over 24 hours or less. It is a list that contains action, horror, drama and comedy, spans decades and mixes a couple of modern classics with some all-time celluloid masterpieces. As the old saying goes; anything can happen in a day, and the movies on this list are cinematic proof of that. Do you agree with the choices on the list? Are any of your favorite movies set over 24 hours missing? Are there any glaring omissions? As always, sound off in the comments below.

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