10 Awesome Movies That Have Aged Horribly

Isn't time a terrible thing? It destroys everything, including our memories of films we grew up with. Though I still attest that these films are still awesome, watching them recently has provided a bit of a shock to the system; the special effects, the music, the clothes, even the themes and characters now serve as a reminder that they are, like any film, a product of their time. Plenty of films manage to age gracefully - just look at effects-driven fare like Terminator 2 - while others are simply subject to the relative nature of progress (and low budgets). Though these movies are still a total gas to watch, it might be hard for younger viewers reared on elaborate CGI and contemporary style to get into them. Unsurprisingly, a good amount of these films are from the 1980s, easily the most dated of any era of cinema, and indeed, of style in general. Here are 10 awesome movies that have aged horribly...

10. Superman I'm expecting to get some criticism for this one, and so I want to clarify that I do still love this film; it remains the best Superman film to date by far, and was a ground-breaking superhero movie...back in 1978. Though John Williams' iconic theme still holds water, and the performances from Brando, Hackman, Stamp and Kidder continue to do the job, the visual effects have finally started to show their age, evidenced by this scene in which Superman flies around the Earth to turn back tme and save Lois. With the more "realistic" flight effects we've seen in Superman Returns (and the trailer for the upcoming Man of Steel), it looks a bit silly now. More to the point, Superman's outfit looks kinda plain and cheesy compared to the darker, more contemporary style of the current suit, and then, of course there's Christopher Reeves' performance. Though there's no denying that he gives the timeless, definitive portrayal of Superman, his Clark Kent leaves a little to be desired, going over the top with the reporter's clumsiness to the point that it seems daft and cartoonish. This is the sole aspect of the performance - a fairly significant portion, mind - that I feel other actors such as Dean Cain and Brandon Routh were better able to play convincingly.
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