10 Awesome Movies That Saved Struggling Franchises

10. Dredd


Where The Franchise Went Wrong: It treated great comic material as a Stallone vanity project. How It Re-Succeeded: It remembered the fans existed. In its own special way, Stallone's Judge Dredd had a peculiar charm in a similar vein to a three-year-old who sticks a bucket on his head and charges into a wall. It shouldn't be funny, but if that wasn't the case, you wouldn't be holding back the laughter. Yet for all the I-love-this-ironically response to Stallone's gloriously misguided mid-90s oeuvre, you've got to admit that it's all sorts of awful. Between Armand Assante's comic overacting as Rico ('LAAAAAAAWWWWWW!') and the crazily idiotic decision to have Dredd remove his helmet for some quality Stallone mugshots, the whole thing smacks of cringe-worthy embarrassment. Fanboys hated it, thinking it was just a generic action film piggbacking the intellectual property €“ a view shared by Dredd creator John Wagner. So thank god for the Dredd reboot, which sat itself down in the source material and refused to budge. While it trod lightly around the satirical elements, the wild ultra-violence was intact, Dredd was as inscrutable as ever and it slowly immersed you in a universe with myriad issues, such as crime, unemployment and the mutant problem. It was a genre film faithfully writ large, and the fans loved it. Oh, and more importantly, Dredd didn't take his helmet off. Not even once.

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