10 Awesome Movies That Totally Didn’t Give A Damn

"And then they just sort of go to Samoa for a bit..."

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There's been a nagging suspicion for some time now that movies aren't as fun as they used to be. The age of grittiness might not have taken over quite as much as it looked like it might, but wacky comedies, romantic comedies and grand, theatrical musicals just don't get over at the box office like they used to. Sure, there are exceptions, but they stand out precisely because they're different.

For the most part, even films about superhumans in spandex and horrors about unkillable, possibly immortal beings tend to err on the side of seriousness. It's obvious why, of course - Joel Schumacher. He broke everything by going too silly all those years ago and now we can't have nice, silly things.

Or can we? Because sometimes, films just don't give a damn about what they're SUPPOSED to be and the results - if you go with them - are wonderful. Who says you have to be conventional to be great?

10. Fate Of The Furious

Fate Of The Furious
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Some people will take your hands and earnestly try and tell you that the fifth Fast & Furious movie is the best. These people are what we call wrong. Sure, this was the moment where the film-makers got the formula right to map out a deliriously successful future of increasingly bonkers sequels and where The Rock came on board, but it was too sensible by half.

The true best of the bunch came in 2017, with Fate Of The Furious, which started out with a nonsensical title designed solely as a pun on the letter 8, had a fight scene that included POV shots from an actual baby and ended with a submarine chasing cars. By this point in the franchise, the script was nonsense T-Shirt slogans, interspersed with someone growling "family!!!" and the story was ripped from a Steven Seagal TV movie, but they didn't even need to care.

Because for all it didn't give a damn, that was the whole point of its success and hopefully the "final" two movies in the main franchise go even more bonkers.

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