10 Awesome Movies With Disappointing Sequels

8. Predator

The Terminator T2
20th Century Studios

Predator might be a B-movie writ large, but it’s so well-cast, tautly directed and smoothly conceived that it’s some kind of classic. It serves up everything a suspenseful monster movie ought to be in a triple portion, but doesn’t take itself so seriously that the audience doesn’t have any fun.

Incredibly, the same writers and producers reunited for Predator 2, a movie so unforgivably rubbish that Arnie turned it down in favour of Kindergarten Cop. It’s basically a third-rate cop movie with monotonous characters, blah action and zero suspense. The lowest-grossing Predator movie to date, it sank the franchise for 14 years and left the door wide for Alien Vs Predator.

Both AVP films rely on the corniest clichés imaginable, from Lance Henriksen’s cough being a sure sign of terminal illness to the teenagers in Requiem who just want to sneak out and go skinny-dipping, unaware monsters have crash-landed in their town. Even the action is this instalment is sub-par, usually taking place in locations so poorly lit you can barely tell what’s happening.

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