10 Awesome Musical Scores That Deserved Better Movies

Just pretend you're watching a sub-par video for some genius music.


Dark Phoenix is unquestionably a complete dud of a movie, a limp, lifeless and unengaging ending to Fox's enormously up-and-down X-Men series.

OK, well, maybe not a complete dud, though, because buried amongst the flat visuals and disinterested performances there's Hans Zimmer's score.

Zimmer, who lost his way somewhat on Batman v Superman (leading to a premature declaration that he was retiring from composing for superhero movies), returned to form with a propulsive synth and percussion-heavy score, with ominous strings suggesting a depth and complexity in the title character's theme that was not carried over to Simon Kinberg's writing.

The X-Men finale is far from the first time that a major composing talent has delivered music good enough to make you wish that you were watching a movie to match. No, there are stacks of disappointing movies where the music went above and beyond what the rest of the production delivered. These ten are just a few of the best examples.

Note: this article looks at music originally composed for the movies. While there are undoubtedly terrible movies with awesome soundtrack compilations of existing tracks (hello, Twilight franchise), that would be a list for another day.

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