10 Awesome Recent Movies You Probably Missed

Don't sleep on these instant cult classics.

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Though cinemas have largely been closed around the world for the past year and a huge slate of big-budget blockbusters have been consequently delayed, film fans certainly haven't been left wanting for quality movies to watch at home.

Yet with the now-countless streaming services all doubling down on their war chests of at-home content, it's incredibly easy for great movies to get lost in the shuffle, especially as services like Netflix do such a lousy job of actually promoting their releases.

And so, there's a good chance these 10 fantastic films all passed you by, lost in a sea of algorithm-driven content "curation" or simply sitting on your watchlist forever more without somehow earning your full commitment to watch.

But these films are all absolutely worth your time, from creative reimaginations of tired genres to surprising comeback roles for skilled actors, and totally left-field, off-kilter films that unsurprisingly tanked at the box office.

Whether you're craving gonzo action, an artsy horror film, a zany comedy, or some classy drama, these 10 recently-released works of cinema have got you all covered one way or another...

10. Boss Level

The Informer Joel Kinnaman
War Party Films

Time loop movies are all the rage right now, and while Joe Carnahan's Boss Level doesn't reach the finesse of, say, the recent Palm Springs, it also clearly doesn't want to.

This totally bonkers sci-fi actioner stars Frank Grillo as a retired soldier who finds himself caught in a time loop which - you guessed it - always culminates in his brutal demise.

Grillo, who has long been in search of a fitting star vehicle for his grizzled talents, is terrific as our no-nonsense lead, while writer-director Carnahan knocks both the loony action and breezy humour out of the park.

If this isn't enough, a gleefully hammy Mel Gibson co-stars as the antagonist, and the likes of Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong, and Will Sasso round out the supporting cast nicely.

Just as time loop movies are starting to ironically feel rather repetitious, here's one that's refreshingly creative and fearlessly off-the-wall.

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