10 Awesome Things We Learned From Comic Con 2013


Another year and another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, one which will remain lodged in comic book fans' minds for the foreseeable future, given how many thrilling - and in one case, shocking - announcements were made. The event, which has transformed in recent years from a relatively niche geek fest to a 130,000-person strong multimedia event is the annual crunch time for movies, video games, TV and comics to announce their newest projects, and unveil those that we have been salivating to see. This year certainly didn't disappoint, festooning the attendees with footage hot off of the sets of several Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, while some chose to make announcements that none of us could ever have seen coming. Here are 10 awesome things we learned from this year's SDCC...

10. Robocop Doesn't Look Awful

Robocop-Remake The Internet reception to the idea of a Robocop remake has so far been, to be kind, negative. Those leaked set pictures of Joel Kinnaman walking around in the "new" Robocop suit were universally decried, though it has emerged that this is merely one prototype suit used early in the movie, and later on we will see a suit more closely resembling the classic one from the original trilogy of movies. The clips that played at the Con make it clear that this take aims to be no less satirical, though its bent is slightly different; a TV report of OmniCorp's drones and ED-209's being used in the War on Terror make it clear that the film wants to examine contemporary concerns, namely the use of machines to fight wars and the potential lack of accountability that this invites. The main difference seen in the footage is that Alex Murphy is not dead this time; he is instead severely burned, and as such he still has his wife. Also, attendees noted that the new Robocop suit looks far better in motion, and that the set pictures do not do it justice.

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