10 Awful 2013 Films You'll Never Watch Again


2013 is halfway over and we already have a fair amount of duds. Sure, there have been some worthwhile and genuinely great movies released (sequels at that!) but each year brings about a plentiful helping of forgettable trash and this year feels like one of the worst. And we are only in June!

Some of them looked promising and some of them looked like failures from the start. What's worse is that a few of these movies were financially successful, meaning we might see additional sequels that regurgitate the same blandness we were pummelled with before.

So in case your significant other or family member suggests watching one of these movies on a casual Friday night, politely suggest a different film instead. Life is too short to waste on terrible movies, especially when there are hundreds of other great films dying to be seen.

10. The Big Wedding


It would be easy to understand why some people went to see this film. With a cast that includes Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton and Robin Williams, it looked like it could have been a fun time. Well, we were all wrong.

In The Big Wedding, Don (Robert De Niro) has an adopted son named Alejandro who is engaged to be married. The catch is, his biological mother from Colombia is coming to the wedding and firmly believes in traditional families. This is a problem since Don is divorced from Alejandro's adopted mother, Ellie (Diane Keaton). Alejandro makes them pretend to be married for a few days while the biological mother is in town, even though Don has a girlfriend. Hijinks ensue.

The Big film was as predictable as the trailers made it appear to be; the entire plot is incredibly forced and contrived. Alejandro's parents could've just said no and the whole movie wouldn't have needed to be made. His biological mother doesn't even add anything to the equation, she is only there to pose a problem for the characters.

The comedy does this weird thing where it tries to be edgy, but in a harmless way. It never commits to being a raunchy R-rated comedy or a family friendly movie. Because of this, it falls into the depths of not being funny at all. It€™s a shame because I really love Robert DeNiro...but not like this. Not like this.


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