10 Awful 2015 Movies That Deserved To Bomb At The Box Office

Fantastic Bore, Point(less) Break... the list goes on.

2015 was the biggest year ever for the movie industry, with a record five films crossing the coveted $1 billion mark, three of which even made more than $1.5 billion. That said, the year wasn't without its embarrassing flops, and though most people predicted these films would probably suck, And though it's often the case that bad movies still manage to gross tons of money all the time (for example, the Transformers franchise has made $3.76 billion to date), many of the year's biggest financial mistakes bucked the trend of name actors and effects-driven action proving gangbusters with audiences; they instead failed to fly because not even the lowest-common denominator could be convinced to part with their hard-earned cash. From botched superhero movies to pointless reboots and a few depressing bombs from respected auteur filmmakers, these films are destined to be largely forgotten outside of the guilty pleasure market, and rightly so. And before you ask about their exclusion, fairly earnest failures like Jupiter Ascending and In the Heart of the Sea have been intentionally omitted from this list because at least they were clearly made with a fair level of passion despite flopping hard.

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