10 Awful 2019 Horror Movies To Avoid This Halloween

You deserve better.

The Dead Don't Die
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Halloween is very nearly upon us, and so it's of course that time of year where gore hounds love to get in the mood by bombarding their eyeballs with as many horror movies as humanly possible.

But when scouring your streaming platforms of choice, you'd be best advised to give these recent genre duds a wide berth, especially considering the many quality, underappreciated indie horrors you can watch instead.

From recent theatrically-released horror flicks which blew up at the box office, to smaller indies and a wealth of direct-to-Netflix fare, these 10 execrable movies should all be avoided in the lead-up to All Hallows' Eve.

Even with a few beers in tow and some knowing friends to share the dreck with, your brain cells deserve a better fate than annihilation at the hands of these monumentally stupid, dull and lazy recent horror movies.

But on the plus side, at least nothing as terrible as Truth or Dare has been released this year. Yet, anyway...


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