10 Awful Horror Movies That Threw Away Brilliant Premises

9. Countdown

Fantasy Island Movie
STX Entertainment

Countdown centres around an app that predicts when the user will die, and after a nurse, Quinn, sees how accurate the app is, she freaks out when it calculates she has three days to live.

If that premise tickles your fancy, be warned that Countdown doesn't have much going for it. Rather than relying on slowly building tension, this dud throws in a relentless amount of ineffective jump scares. And thanks to the film's PG-13 rating, the deaths are too tame to frighten anyone. Additionally, many of the kills are caused by the victims going out of their way to escape their fate, which would have been a clever idea... if it hadn't already been done repeatedly throughout the Final Destination franchise.

However, it's the villain that's Countdown's biggest problem. Even though there are many avenues the story could've gone down, this 2019 picture picks the dumbest of the lot. Basically, the app is run by a demon called Ozhin who kills because he hates humanity. 

Why Ozhin bothered to develop an app to mess with his victims when he could slaughter them anytime he wanted, is anyone's guess.


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