10 Awful Moments That Ruined The Robocop Reboot

A movie so bad, you wouldn't buy it for a dollar.

José Padilha's controversial remake of the 1980s action classic RoboCop hit UK cinemas yesterday, and so as well as mainstream reviews coming out, fans of the original and newbies to the character alike have been chiming in with their take on the movie. While the consensus seems to be that this 2014 RoboCop is nowhere near as disastrous as it could've been, it simply can't measure up to the greatness of the original, and I suggest you check out Sam Hill's article here on the inferior changes that were made to the product. This article isn't so much about changes made compared to the original (though that does come into it), but simply moments throughout the film that made us doubt the point of the whole enterprise. The film had plenty of good aspects: the cast was fantastic, there were some interesting themes, it at least tried to be satirical, and Padilha was smart enough to include the original RoboCop theme in there as well. However, all that promise is undone by 10 poor creative decisions that let us all down. Have you seen RoboCop yet? Feel free to chime in with your own take in the comments!
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