10 Awful Movie Kill Quips So Bad They're Good

Lots of Arnie, lots of Bond, etc...

Just after you've killed a guy, you want to say something neat. You want to appear cool, triumphant, even cocky. So you come out with a one-liner, a perfectly timed, witty kill quip. You know what I mean. What? You never killed a guy. Oh okay. Er, neither have I. But I have seen plenty of kill quips in movies. There's a lot to choose from. Whenever a bad guy is killed, it's more often than not followed by a brilliant kill quip. James Bond uses them a lot. So does Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone love saying kill quips as much as we love hearing them. Not all kill quips are good though. Some work perfectly - think "Hasta La Vista, Baby!" in Terminator 2. On the other hand some kill quips just seem a bit daft. The quote is a bit crazy, the wit is all too cheesy, and sometimes the kill quip is completely over the top. Sometimes, the kill quip is so bad it's good. So here are some one-liners which are memorable for all the wrong reasons, 10 Awful Movie Kill Quips So Bad They're Good...

10. €œGarbage Day!€ €“ Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Why It€™s So Bad: Oh, he€™s taking out the garbage? I get it. €But Really So Good: The manic eyes, the crazy laugh, the way he says it. Such an awful movie, but such a great scene. Eric Freeman plays Ricky Caldwell, and the story sees him go off on a killing spree after being sent over the edge. It€™s great just to take this clip completely out of context and admire the acting talents of Freeman in this 1987 horror-turned-cult-comedy. Yelling €œgarbage day!€ whilst gunning down a man with a trash can? Brilliant. Quote-ability Level: 6/10 Martini's Shaken Not Stirred.

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