10 Awful Movies Breaking Bad Actors Want You To Forget

9. Life Happens (Krysten Ritter)

Why Him?

Krysten Ritter has enjoyed television success beginning with her recurring role as Jane Margolis on the second season of Breaking Bad. She also starred in series such as Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and Netflix's Jessica Jones. Her cinematic career hasn't flourished quite as much, though. One of Ritter's first big attempts at breaking into film was 2011's Life Happens, which she starred in and had a writing credit on.

The movie presents a lot of potential that is mostly wasted on a sitcom-esque comedy that never quite ascends above its mildly amusing gags and observations on young adult life. Ritter has still never quite found her footing when it comes to the silver screen and has not been involved in many film projects since then, apart from occasional pop-ups in movies like Veronica Mars and 2019's El Camino.


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