10 Awful Movies With Just One Great Character

6. Emile Blonsky - The Incredible Hulk

Tim Roth The Incredible Hulk
Marvel Studios

Perhaps it's because of the age-old "too many cooks" issue, but The Incredible Hulk was not a great experience, either for the fans watching it or the people making it. Creative differences raged all over the place and the end result is way more boring than it ever had any right to be.

The rare shining lights are the potential in William Hurt's General Ross (he wouldn't really blossom until he returned in Civil War) and Tim Roth's Emile Blonsky, a special ops veteran with an inferiority complex who wants to be bigger, badder and bolder than the Hulk.

Roth chews the scenery to perfection (doesn't he always) and he's just the right balance to Bruce Banner's stoic, more insular energy - illogically seeking to profit from the curse that's ruined Banner's life. It's a real shame he didn't get to come back for Age Of Ultron like was once planned.

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