10 Bad Film Adaptations Of Great Books

Despite having such incredible source material, these films did not live up to expectations.

New Line Cinema

If done correctly, transforming a book into a film can appease the original fans - otherwise known as a guaranteed existing audience - while introducing it to a much wider audience. Done right, it's like printing money.

Whether it's a critically acclaimed novel such as Life Of Pi, Trainspotting and Fight Club, or a series of books, such as Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings, there are numerous examples of books that have been converted into film and have produced major financial and critical success.

However, just because there is a massive treasure trove of books to pick from does not mean that success can be guaranteed for all of them. If they are done poorly, it can result in major backlash from the original fans and produce serious losses for the studio.

Sadly though, this is the case for many promising film adaptations of great books and this list aims to focus on some of the more high profile examples and the reasons why they failed.

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