10 Bad Guys I Could Totally Hang Out With

rene I generally root for the hero in the end, but on several occasions I find myself identifying more with the bad guy. Usually, like in 90% of the cases, they have the more interesting pasts and get all the best lines. They are people that I would rather sit back and watch the game with. That or helping them plot their revenge and help build a nuclear reactor. Now all these people in the following list are evil and deserved their fate, but there was a sparkle in their eyes that endeared them to the audience. Sure I wouldn't let them watch my dog while I was on vacation, but I could see picture us chilling on a couch and talking about the weather. Here's my top ten favorite bad guy best friends (possible spoilers below):

10. Ming The Merciless (Max von Sydow) in Flash Gordon


This guy was my idol growing up. He had a bed full of concubines but still wanted to marry Dale Arden. So you know he's committed, up until the point where he would grow weary of his girl and then blast her into space. See, that totally makes sense to me. Ming may have ruled Mongo with a vice grip, but from what I saw showed his minions some care and had respect for his enemies. Even after Flash had tried to halt his plans he wanted him on his side instead of scattered into atoms. To sum up his character, when Zarkov tells him earth is only interested in friendship and asks why he wants to attack them, Ming simply replies, "Why not?" That's a guy I would to watch a sporting event with.

9. Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) in Die Hard

hans This might be my favorite movie villain of all time. Hans is the epitome of cool. He's calm, collected, has great style (nice suit, I have two myself), and enjoyed his work. Sure his plan at Nakatomi Plaza involved killing all the hostages, but before all that he didn't seem to have any ill will towards them. Cut him some slack. He did get a couch for that pregnant woman! He had a playful banter with his cronies (even with his nemesis McClane), was almost charming in conversations with the police and hostages, and was smart enough to almost get away and sit on his beach, earning twenty percent.
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