10 Bad Movies That Wasted Great CGI

It's a shame the rest of these films weren't as good as their CGI.

hollow man
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A director may have their name attached as being integral to the making of a film, but we should always remember that making a movie is a highly collaborative effort that requires a lot of work and dedication from various teams throughout each stage of production. This is especially true when it comes to large multi-million dollar blockbusters packed full of eye-widening special effects designed to blow audiences away with their visual splendour and sense of spectacle for studios to generate as many ticket sales as possible.

In today's age where audiences are far more critical of the film's they see, even more talented animators, artists, and special effects wizardry is needed to bring new productions to life. This means a lot more work and an even bigger budget.

However, while visual storytelling and spectacle is a key part of what makes cinema so special, groundbreaking special effects don't automatically make a film 'good'. Writing, acting, directing, and a general sense of personality and flare are what constructs the foundation for a memorable and emotionally impactful cinema experience regardless of how talented the team behind the CGI were.

There are some films out there that are living proof of this matter.


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