10 Badass Supporting Characters That OWNED The Film

9. Sam Rockwell - €˜Guy Fleegman€™ In Galaxy Quest (1999)

Guy Fleegman

I know, I know. Sam Rockwell€™s performance in Galaxy Quest is barely what you would call €˜badass€™ in the traditional sense but I€™d kick myself if I were to write a top 10 supporting characters list and not include this Guy (pardon the pun). Meant as a pure throwaway comic relief role, Rockwell€™s obsessed fan/redshirt in an episode of the Galaxy Quest TV show (Crewman #6 in episode 81, of course) Guy Fleegman, manages instead to steal every scene he appears in and vastly overshadow the then at-the-top-of-his-game (pre Shaggy Dog/Wild Hogs) Tim Allen. It€™s one of the early roles that made future Rockwellian€™s (I don€™t know if his fans have an official title but I€™d like to throw this one out there) like myself first notice his amazing talents. The character had to have been written purely for fans of the genre Galaxy Quest is spoofing. Guy is constantly drawing the audience€™s attention to the troupes of Sci-Fi films through his inability to separate fiction from reality, causing him to obsess over his minor character status (thus imminent death) for the whole film. These moments are when Galaxy Quest is at it€™s best; the biggest payoff coming in the form of a Star Trek Next Generation parody in the films final minutes, in which Rockwell easily provides the best gag of the whole movie.

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