10 Badly Miscast Actors In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

2. Edward Norton - Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk)

Marvel Studios

There are many comic book fans out there who think that Edward Norton made a brilliant Bruce Banner, though there also seems to be an equal number of human beings who think he was near-on disastrous in the role.

Though the level of his acting on show in The Incredible Hulk, perhaps the MCU's most forgotten movie (yep, it's part of the official canon and everything) is serviceable, and Norton clearly took his time and made a lot of effort to try and do the character justice, he just feels wrong for the part in the same way that acid feels wrong as food. Which is an incredibly lame way of saying: Norton just isn't Bruce Banner.

Despite the fact that he arguably put more effort into rendering his character than Eric Bana and Mark Ruffalo put together, for the entire runtime of the movie, Norton fails to convince. It might seem unfair to suggest that Ruffalo felt like Banner the moment we saw him for the first time in The Avengers, but it's sort of true; he came to us fully-formed, without all the strain and overreaching inherent to Norton's performance. It's just too much of a stretch that Norton could be the Hulk!


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