10 Bafflingly High IMDb Movie Ratings You Won't Believe

It's no RottenTomatoes.

As a researching tool, IMDb is second-to-none. Everything, from the obvious (a movie's complete cast and crew list) to the almost needles (the age certifications it got in all the countries of the world), is compiled, making it a one-stop resource for films facts. Just don't trust the actual movie ratings. Oh yeah, the notoriously skewed, never quite on the money IMDb ratings. Voted for by the site's gigantic fan-base, they purport to provide a go-to guide to a film's quality, despite being compiled in the most flippant way possible. Because nobody marks films the same way, and many people are prone to gross exaggeration ("this movie was OK, I'll give it 10" or "this movie was fine, but I was disappointed, so I'll give it 1.0"), gathering whether a particular movie is actually liked is much more complicated than just reading off a number. The general rule is that a movie under 6.0 is terrible, anything above 8.0 is great and anything with 10.0 is too obscure to have developed an army of haters. Practically, this means most films sit within a couple of points of each other, with over half the films in existence sandwiched between 6.0 and 8.0. Far from a definitive way to class films. But even taking this major skew into account, there are some movies that have stupidly high scores. Come and see just how crazy it can get.

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