10 Baseball Movies That Knocked It Out Of The Park

9. Pride of the Yankees

Less a film about baseball than it is a stirring tribute to Yankee great Lou Gehrig and his everyman, workaholic spirit, Pride of the Yankees debuted just a year after Gehrig's shocking death at the age of 37 from a little-known disease that eventually adopted his name. The great Gary Cooper imbues Gehrig with the kind of quiet, unflinching masculinity that really resounded with baseball fans of the era. Even better, Cooper was supported by several real Yankees, including the immortal Babe Ruth and Bill Dickey.

Cooper's recreation of the famous Gehrig speech at Yankee Stadium is considered one of the most memorable movie dialogues ever. Although it is not a word-for-word recitation of Gehrig's actual speech, it captures the true intent of his words. Cooper is amazingly-understated, too. For audiences in 1942 who actually thrilled to Gehrig's accomplishments and mourned his recent death, this must have been a heart-tugging moment.

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