10 Behind The Scenes Reasons For MCU Characters' Quirks

9. Tony Stark's Incessant Snacking

The Avengers
Marvel Studios

Beyond Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) possessing a lighting-fast wit, one of his most memorable traits is his tendency to snack during scenes, particularly in his earlier MCU appearances.

Perhaps most memorably he chows down on some dried blueberries while talking to Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Captain America (Chris Evans) in The Avengers, yet believe it or not this action wasn't in fact scripted.

Rather, this tendency to be grazing and snacking all the time was inspired by Downey's own, very real hunger.

Given the long days on any film set, let alone an MCU movie, Downey decided to hide snacks around the sets that he could munch on during shooting, possibly much to the irritation of the editorial and continuity departments.

It's so rare to see superheroes of any kind actually eating in a movie that it quickly caught the attention of many fans who ultimately found it quite charming, even if Downey was really only doing it for the sake of his own blood sugar levels.


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