10 Beloved Disney Characters Who Had Serious Mental Health Issues

If you're talking to a tree and inanimate objects on a regular basis, there's probably a deeper, underlying problem.

"Hello, I talk to a tree".
"My pet crow is my only friend and I want to kill everyone".
"I'm going to kill my brother and take over his kingdom."
If you heard these kind of comments from anyone in real life the chances are you€™d call the police or arrange for them to be carted off to the nearest psychiatric hospital. Yet in the wonderful world of Disney, we encounter this all the time and don€™t bat an eyelid. We€™ll happily observe clear bouts of insanity and psychopathy just because it's a part of our childhood. Who are we to question a woman that shacks up with seven strangers and communicates with birds, deers and rabbits like they€™re her only friends? The sad truth is, if you pick apart our favourite Disney movies you would discover a world wrought with insanity. Villains so deranged, Hannibal Lecter and Ernest Blodfeld would pale before them. Princesses that have clearly gone so far off the deep end that they'll need some fairly strong medication and years of therapy just to adjust back to real life. And just what is it with the relationships between humans and animal / inanimate objects in these films anyway? So today, allow us at Whatculture to destroy your childhood. Let us tear down those walls of denial as we shed light on many beloved Disney characters that are clearly insane. We€™ve picked ten because, well, they're the strongest contenders of the bunch. But really you should be asking yourselves which beloved Disney characters are sane? We're sure you'll find yourself with a much shorter list than you expected. *Disclaimer, before you start asking about Disney owned-franchises like Marvel and Lucasfilm, we're going €˜Classic€™ Disney with this article. Otherwise we're sure we could fill up the list with 10 characters from those franchises alone! Click 'Next' to go to number 10...
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