10 Best Acting Performances Of The Last Decade

Tracking back to 2004 (odd year, but never mind) we chronicle the finest acting performances of the decade.

Well my friends, the decade is coming to an end (if you started counting in 2004) and the arduous task of listing the best acting performances of the last ten years has fallen at my feet (seeing as how I came up with the idea and that's kinda how this whole WhatCulture process goes). Now, I know what you're thinking - "But Zachary, haven't organisations like the Academy and BAFTA already decided upon such performances and rewarded them accordingly?" That's an excellent question, and I thank you for it, but the answer is simple. If like me, you sit down with a few bevies every February to watch the Oscars, and your considerable intoxication by the final stages mean you rigorously disagree with every award presented, you'll understand the requirement I feel to put forward my own views on who deserves what. Naturally, my status as an unemployed writer/failed actor who occasionally enjoys a movie makes me equal to if not slightly better qualified than the Academy to carry out the endeavour, and so you can sleep tight in the knowledge that the article you're about to explore is as fair and accurate as it's possible for a list compiled over ten minutes to be. Of course, to some extent the Academy do actually know what they're doing (unlike my good self), and a lot of my choices did actually win an Oscar for their efforts. I remind you of this because many of you will wholeheartedly dispute the content and order of the list, and I can place the blame firmly on the Academy should such a situation occur. Happy comments about my sheer brilliance are welcome at the bottom of the page! (You can also say something about the actors as well I guess ...)

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