10 Best Anime Films Of The '80s

9. Vampire D Hunter (1985)

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Whilst maybe not the most technically impressive or well-written film to come out of the '80s, it's impossible to deny that the 1985 adaptation of Vampire Hunter D was instrumental in shaping both anime and popular culture as we know it today.

Based on the novels of the same name by veteran author Hideyuki Kikuchi, the feature film was the first adaptation in a long line of Vampire D Hunter media. Often touted as one of the first successful anime films primarily targeted at the over 18 demographic in Japan, Vampire D Hunter helped popularise both the source material and the dark fantasy genre as a whole.

Hellsing, Castlevania, Vampire Knight - even JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - all owe their success to Vampire Hunter D. Whilst the film was considered somewhat of a risk upon its release, considering both its niche audience and adult themes, its director had no such qualms.

Director Toyoo Ashida worked with a limited budget to produce the film, stating that he wasn't interested in creating a tasteful or artsy film but rather something that was more fun and titillating. To his credit, the film was a massive success both in Japan and abroad, re-released dozens of times since.

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