10 Best Anti-Valentine's Day Movies

As Adam Sandler memorably sang, love stinks.

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Love, as the one of the multitudinous songs on the subject tells us, is a many-splendored thing. A source of boundless joy for some; a bottomless pit of despair for others. Sometimes, a bit of both at the same time. Still, wherever you stand on the matter of love, surely most of us can agree what an overblown, fatuous spectacle Saint Valentine's Day generally is.

Sure, there's no real harm in giving lovers an excuse to treat one another. Still, to promote a sense of obligation to make some grandiose display of affection on one specific day per year, just because that's what the media and social convention dictates: really now, where's the romance in that?

Small wonder, then, that while shop windows and advertising turn pink, fluffy and jewel-encrusted, demanding we spend vast quantities on our significant others because they'll think we don't care about them otherwise, there are plenty of us who'd prefer to see the whole custom binned.

As such, while for some the 14th of February is the day to snuggle up with a nice, non-threatening romantic comedy, some might find it to be the perfect day for the polar opposite: movies in which true love does not conquer all, and the frailties and frivolities of our popular concept of romance are laid bare.

If you truly hate Valentines with a black-hearted vengeance, any of the following 10 movies should go down just right with your pink champagne and Milk Tray.

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