10 Best Apocalypse Movies

What's your favourite form of utter destruction?

The Road
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Apocalypse movies are a weird group of films. They can vary more wildly in tone than any other genre. They can be spectacle-driven, overblown action movies entirely motivated by the latest and greatest CGI. In other cases, they can be deeply human, small-scale stories that zoom in on the plight of the individual amongst it all.

Sometimes the breakdown of society is a vehicle for madcap comedy, sometimes its pulse-pounding action, and sometimes its utter misery. In all cases, the quality of each of these subgenres will obviously vary wildly; for every Children of Men, there's probably like five 2012s, for example.

Regardless, the sheer variety on offer in the apocalypse genre means that there's bound to be something for everyone to get lost in, and here's just a small selection of some of the best out there.

10. Zombieland (2009)

The Road
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Zombieland is probably the easiest watch on this list, and this zom-com pits four complete strangers together on the weirdest odd-couple road trip across the United States in pursuit of potential freedom. Filled to the brim with charm, this 2009 cult hit kickstarted both Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone's film careers with a bang.

Shaun of the Dead might be the pinnacle of horror comedy, but you'll feel just as invested in moments of serious drama as and when they come here. However, the movie's best strength is its ridiculous tone. By not taking itself seriously at all, Zombieland is able to shoot for the most ridiculous scenes in zombie comedy. Zombie kills of the week are few and far between, but this feature and the single greatest celebrity cameo ever (no exaggeration) make for hilarious highlights.

It's a testament to the breath of fresh air that Zombieland was when it first released that I'd easily recommend it over the recent sequel, which is still enjoyable but doesn't quite hit home as the original. If nothing else, maybe you'll pick up a couple rules for surviving the next apocalypse from Jesse Eisenberg if you give it a watch.


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